WHAT?! Who let the Michigan Meteor out of the state?

And how did we lose the naming rights?

Meteor hunter Robert Ward (the guy with the cowboy hat) swooped in, grabbed fragments of the meteor that exploded over Michigan, took some selfies with the meteor and sent it off to Chicago. Via FedEx.

Robert is now off to chase the impending Super Bowl Asteroid.

The good news is, the Field Museum, in Chicago, now has it and it's being given the proper attention it deserves. According to the Chicago Tribune, Meteorite curator Philipp Heck is all excited, saying, “A few weeks ago this was still in space, and we have it right now here in our lab.” And because it was collected right after it fell, it isn't tainted by other material. Like meteorites that come down in Chuck E. Cheese ball pits. The museum dates it to the beginning of the solar system - 4.6 billion years ago. So, Tom Brady's senior year at Michigan. And we now know that's it made mostly of a common mineral called olivine.

But, in the story, it's now referred to as the "Hamburg" meteor. Great - now everybody's going to assume it's from Germany.


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