As if this actual moment in the Michigan Hearing wasn't funny enough, SNL did a thing.

Lately when Michigan gets national attention it's because a militia tried to kidnap or even kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  So, as embarrassing as this moment is.  We welcome it. Before we get to the hilarious SNL skit with Kate McKinnon playing Rudy Giuliani and Cecily Strong playing Melissa Carone.  Here is a video a clip of the actual moment as covered by CNN between Melissa Carone and a Michigan law maker that actual ends with people laughing in the background.

What a crazy moment.  Then there's the moment that Giuliani leans over to try to shut her down.  When you're too crazy for Rudy, that's comedy gold.  People have made many comparisons to Carone and comedian Chris D'Elia's character about a girl at a party as well as Cecily Strong's "random girl at a party" SNL character.    With that in mind, Strong basically played that character with a blond wig and it was hilarious.

Inside Edition uploaded a segment Friday showing the many comedy shows that poked fun or did parodies of that strange Michigan moment.


According to the Washington Post,

Trump campaign witness Melissa Carone was deemed "not credible" by a judge before she spoke during the Dec. 2 Michigan state House hearing on the 2020 election.

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