Don't you just love old vintage buildings and homes from many years ago? My daughter lives in Chicago a few miles from downtown, an area called Wicker Park.  When I visit, I love walking around the old neighborhood and looking at the older homes. A few are original and many have been modernized with balconies added on, rooftop areas, and patios. Maybe I am a bit sentimental because I grew up near there, but I really enjoy it.

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So check this out from Developers are asking for help from the city of Lansing to remodel the Old Standard Oil station in REO Town and turn it into a dining and entertainment venue. I love the idea because the the building is almost 100 years old. It use to be a gas station up until 20 yeas ago. It has been standing all by itself on South Washington Avenue ever since.

Pablo's Mexican restaurant wanted to turn it into another location, but the deal fell through recently.

Developers with REO Ventures, LLC have proposed a roughly $300,000 renovation plan that would rely on a tax deal through Michigan’s Obsolete Properties Rehabilitation Act, which reduces local taxes on properties for up to 12 years, helping to offset redevelopment costs.

Many folks and residents nearby feel it is the most iconic building in the area and should be turned into something.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says "revitalizing local business in Lansing has been a top priority throughout the pandemic."

I will keep you posted on this and hopefully it will be a new business soon.

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