Ohio governor and (former) presidential candidate John Kasich shut down his campaign yesterday. But not before he made (IMO) a beautiful speech thanking his supporters and speaking about some of the people he met and places he went in America during his campaign.

Of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Kasich said, "I remember we were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – never knew where it was. Heard about it all my lifetime. I never knew it was actually located above Wisconsin." Well, actually - I would think you and I would describe the Upper Peninsula as being above Michigan, but it was his first time up there and he was excited. He added that, when they landed in the U.P., (here's the good part), "'Everybody was looking at their phones and I said would you all please put down your phones because this is a winter wonderland. This is magical what we’re seeing here."

So, the governor of Ohio just promoted Michigan tourism. Nice.

Read about his comments in the Daily Mail, here. Included in the article - a helpful map of where the Upper Peninsula is located.


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