Michigan is in the Top Ten of "most sinful states" in America. And Lent is less than 2 weeks away, so if you're going to give up one of your seedier habits for 40 days - don't worry - you've got company.

According to the Detroit Free Press and a study done by WalletHub in preparation for lent, WalletHub ranked all 50 states by the 7 cardinal sins. Good news? IMO - we're not THAT bad - just cold and tired of winter.

WalletHub found that Nevada ranked first among the sinful states (there's a shocker) and Vermont was the least sinful. Which is probably why you don't see Sen. Bernie Sanders twerking much. Michigan ranked #9. Ohio ranked #14. (They don't get out much, so...) Our highest ranked sin? At #6 in America, it was for our envy. But, tell me you didn't envy some of your friends living in warm places when you were brushing snow off your car and the wind chill was 35 below. Bingo.

Our next highest sin was anger. We're the 10th angriest state in the U.S. Again - have you seen how some people drive on snow?

So, we're not that sinful. And I think Vermont's hiding something in those covered bridges. Here's the story. 

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