Let's talk about that buck that's been photo-bombing engagement and vacation photos over in Saugatuck.

First there was the Saugatuck beach incident.

Now, our little 8-point friend is at it again. The "Saugatuck Buck" has photo-bombed another innocent pair of lovers. Which, of course, should always be pronounced "love-uhs"

According to WILX-TV, Austin Swiercz and Dori Anne were getting engagement photos done in Saugatuck, just last week, when the same buck (it HAS to be) came up from behind and wandered into the shot. Here's the story and photos. (Tell me that ISN'T the same buck!).

Sure, it's all fun and games now. Wait until the whitetail rut is on and some couple puts on their heavy sweaters and heads to Saugatuck for engagement photos.

Michigan DNR - I'm ready to end this madness. Just tell me when.

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