It's called the GIGANTA RAMP.

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And people will be flying through the air 75 feet off the ground from start to finish on it.

Welcome my friends to the NITRO CIRCUS!

Friday night they're gonna fly at Jackson Field in Downtown Lansing

New date, same high flying thrills.

Nitro Circus Tour Pre-Show Practice In Wellington
Getty Images

We've been waiting a while for this one. Anticipation is at an all-time high. But might we direct you to what they plan on doing to our very own Jackson Field? You know, where the Lugnuts play ball.

We're just gonna replace the pitcher's mound and bases with a couple of ramps.

Nitro Circus Stars In New Zealand
Getty Images

And one of em is gonna be launching people 75 feet through the air.

Nitro Circus Stars In New Zealand
Getty Images
Lansing Lugnuts
Lansing Lugnuts

The You Got This Tour features the Giganta ramp, now with its biggest takeoff yet that launches riders five stories into the air while the FMX riders will be flying 75 feet through the air from take-off to landing. (Lansing Lugnuts)

Bring the whole family for a night of thrills, tricks, pyro, and more!

Get ready for an event unlike any other in the 25-year history of Jackson® Field™. Nitro Circus 'You Got This Tour' is an adrenaline-charged spectacle featuring world-class athletes, including several X Games medalists, in FMX, BMX, skate, scooter, and more. (Lansing Lugnuts)

Peep the riders HERE including Ryan Williams and Travis Pastrana.


  • VIP Doors: 4:30pm
  • General Doors: 6pm
  • Showtime: 7pm

Get your tickets HERE.

Get your tickets in advance as they do go up a bit the day of the event. Some sections are already sold out.

And those VIP tickets do come with a little extra. Head here to find out about Mic'd Up Live, the brand-new Nitro Circus VIP experience!

Mic'd Up Live offers fans behind-the-scenes and under-the helmet access to the biggest show in action sports, getting you closer to the excitement than ever before. Hear from some of Nitro's athletes as they talk to the VIP crowd while flying through the air and from the top of the ramps.

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