According to, this weekend, at the Carolina Nationals in Charlotte, NC, drag racer John Force's funny car will be painted to look like Jeff Gordon's iconic #24 NASCAR stock car. It's way cool.

Take a look at the paint job by clicking here.


And here's what John Force has to say about the paint scheme:

“I got the idea for the flames from Jeff telling me years ago he was a fan because I was always on fire. He was right; when I got started, we were on fire from here to Australia. I always enjoyed seeing Jeff at races and award banquets. The guy was just so polite and professional, but you knew he had the eye of the tiger, too. You don’t win all those championships on your good looks. This special Funny Car is just a way for me, my family, my team, my sponsors, NHRA, and the fans to say thank you for being a great champion and being such a great driver in NASCAR. I put as many flames as my designer Brandon [Baker] could fit on my hot rod in Jeff’s honor.”

To really get the full effect, go back and read that quote at full volume, like John would. Here's some video to help you out:


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