America loves our conspiracies:

Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the lone gunman.

The U.S. government has alien bodies on ice, somewhere.

Justin Bieber is actually Canadian.


Add to those conspiracies, THIS: Starbucks spells your name wrong on the cup to get you to post a photo of it online. For free advertising!

According to the New York Post, (who gets their news from The Sun in the U.K.), a YouTube channel called Super Deluxe, has offered up this theory, with an experiment that proves, if not their theory about the free advertising, then at least that Starbucks employees are very bad spellers. Or listeners.

UPDATE: I contacted my oldest daughter, who used to work at a Starbucks in L.A. She says, "I doubt this is true, simply because Starbucks has too many regulars for that to be a thing and with non-regulars, they're not afraid to raise a fuss if they think you're messing with them." She continued on to say that the way Starbucks are run, "that would NEVER fly for more than 10 minutes, hah."

So, we'll chalk this up to bad spellers, caused by auto-correct and texting without stopping to correct spelling. So, the same technology that is spreading this story, is the cause of it.



Here's the story.



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