Are you looking to do things a little different with your Christmas tree this year? Are you a big Jameson Irish Whiskey fan? Cause I am. You could celebrate your love for Irish whiskey this year by winning a Christmas tree made out of their bottles. Now we're talking.

The people at Jameson Irish Whiskey are giving you a chance to win a "whiskey tree." They're passing out 7 trees that are each 8'6" feet tall and feature empty Jameson bottles that light up. The tree will be delivered to your home and assembled for you in a couple hours! Those who win, will also get a $45 gift card! All you have to do is enter your information and tell them why you and your family deserve a "whiskey tree" this year. If you think it sounds ridiculous, it's pretty unique looking.

If there's a tree to represent 2020, it's this "whiskey tree." Most of us have been drinking more during the pandemic. LiveScience reports, that alcohol consumption has gone up 14% because of quarantine and women are the ones drinking more. Hey, I get it. I've had days where only a shot and a beer have made it better. When we weren't in the middle of a pandemic and I had a bad day, I used to go to my favorite karaoke bar, order a pickle back shot (Jameson and pickle juice) sing my favorite song and then go home. I can't wait to do that again.


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