Those looking for a job across the country and in Mid Michigan have plenty of opportunities to pick from these days. Kind of a nice thing to be able to pick from a variety of jobs in the Lansing area.  Yes, many companies are looking for talented folks like you, and many are ready to give you a signing bonus and a good salary.

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Check this out wlns,com says 80% of companies are ready to give you a position right now, which means you don't have to jump through hoops to get a good gig.

This Company Wants To Hire You

Restaurants and bars are starving for people, Are you a pizza lover like me? Buddy's Pizza has more than 500 positions open across the state. And how about this as a perk if you go in for an interview and get hired after 90 days will get a 300 sign-on bonus.

Find out more at Plus when you get hired,  if you refer someone for a job and they get it, after 90 days you get $200 in Buddy Bucks.

If you are thinking about a new career and your tired of your dead-end job, why not try the Post Office.

They Are Hiring about 200 people

The U.S. Post Office is ready to hire for about 200 positions in the greater Lansing area.

If you wanna work, you can do it, There’s no excuse not to get out there get busy. Officials with both Buddy’s and the U.S. Post Office say they need workers now more than ever and are planning to hold more job fairs in the future.


Also if you are looking for a job in education, the Michigan Department of Education is holding a job fair on August 4th. So let's get busy and find a job you are gonna love, and pad that bank account. Good Luck.

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