This week, the City of Muskegon, Michigan welcomed a special guest, a refugee who traveled all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin - by way of Lake Michigan. According to Fox17Online, "Darrel the Barrel" is a construction barrel who fell (or was he pushed? - we'll never know) into Lake Michigan and drifted east, where he was fished out by City of Muskegon workers just days ago. Those workers promptly gave him a name, dry clothes and then took him out on the town.

So far, Darrel's visited the Moxie the Mastadon statue, the Charles H. Hackley statue (will he end up on the "Curse of Civil War Gold" TV show?) and the "What Lifts You" butterfly wings mural. Apparently the City of Milwaukee has trolled the City of Muskegon on Facebook, claiming he's "enjoying a little vacation".

Sorry, Milwaukee - finders, keepers. And suck it, Packers - he's a Lions fan, now.

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