I'm super familiar with the store Mr. Alan's. Growing up in Dearborn Heights there were a couple stores nearby, so I always saw the commercials advertising the latest sneakers and athletic wear with the cool animated guy saying "29 or two for 50". Even now, every time I type Mr. Alan's, I hear it in my head the same way the jingle says it in the commercial ~ Mr. Alan's ~ Now, Mr. Alan's is coming to Lansing.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Mr. Alan's is going to open up on Lansing's west side this Thursday, taking over the old Block Buster Video location on West Saginaw. If you're a sneaker head, love Michael Jordan, or just really appreciate some nice sports apparel, you'll definitely want to check out Mr. Alan's.

This new Lansing location is only the second of the entire chain to have an exclusive "Jordan" room, dubbed "Club 23", in reference to Jordan's jersey number. Plus, they carry exclusive shoes from Nike, Adidas, and Jordan.

Mr. Alan's is located at 4116 West Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, and the store opens at 10 am this Thursday. There are ALL kinds of cools events going on for their Grand Opening, check out all the info HERE.

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