It has begun!

According to WILX 10, road work began this morning on I-94 in Jackson County. The long-awaited project, which will improve a stretch of 9 miles on the freeway, includes:

-Reconstructing 1.4 miles of freeway between Lansing Avenue and Elm Road;

-Resurfacing 3.5 miles between Lansing Avenue and M-60, and resurfacing 4 miles between Elm Road and Sargent Road;

-Rebuilding and redesigning the I-94/Cooper Street interchange, including the addition of new roundabouts on each side of the new bridge and reconstructing each of the ramps.

-Replacing the bridge over the Grand River.

During most of the project, Michigan Department of Transportation will have two lanes open in each direction during the day.

And definitely prepare yourself for the long haul... the project is expected to wrap up in the Spring of 2020. Get more details on the construction project here.

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