East Lansing is always changing.

East Lansing Businesses

Sometimes for the good, like when a business expands or a new one gets added. And sometimes for the bad, like when a business or restaurant has to close its doors.

Sadly, this is one of those bad times.

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According to The State News, another East Lansing business will be closing its doors.

Prepare to say goodbye to Moosejaw.

Moosejaw in East Lansing is Closing

Moosejaw is an outdoor gear and apparel store located on the main drag of Grand River through Downtown East Lansing. And unfortunately, it'll be closing its doors.

Looking through the Moosejaw Facebook page, at this time there is no announcement or news about when it will close. Nor does The State News mention it in the article.

When is Moosejaw in East Lansing Closing?

I was able to speak with one of the employees who said there is no exact date of the closure at this time, but it will likely be after the holidays.

It will also be after they host Moosejaw East Lansing's 29th birthday party celebration, which is taking place on Friday, October 13 from 4 to 8 p.m.

Can you believe that... 29 years? It's quite literally a fixture of East Lansing. Patrons are very sad to see it go, as well. Here's what Katie Joles, the president of MSU Outdoors Club, has to say,

“I have a lot of friends and roommates who have worked there,” Joles said. “So it’s been a space for community, just to pop in and see what’s up. Maybe toss around a beanbag for cornhole.”

The East Lansing location isn't the only one getting shut down. Of the 14 Moosejaw locations, only three will stay open, and only one of those three is in Michigan. If you still want to go to a Moosejaw after the East Lansing location has closed, you can make the drive to Birmingham, Michigan.

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