Spending time with these gentle, friendly, miniature horses offers an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with nature at Bella Terra Acres Farm in Mattawan.

I don't have to tell you it's been a long year already. As the global pandemic stretches on, people are looking for new ways of coping with COVID. Some are exercising, others are doing what looks like the exact opposite: sitting still. More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation. It's popularity has been soaring, with 200-500 million practitioners worldwide. An upcoming event at Bella Terra Farm Acres in Mattawan offers a unique twist on self-examination: they are using miniature horses for holistic healing. These ponies offer a path to peace.


This one-time event is in alignment with the work they have been doing at Bella Terra since opening in 2001. The farm promotes equine adventure programs and has personal growth courses, as well as team-building, youth and counseling initiatives centered on their team of miniature horses.

The horses offer their wonderful gift of mirroring our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – they are tremendous at helping to develop a greater understanding of ourselves. The ultimate goal of this experience is to understand how to live more authentically and in the present moment; to more fully experience trust, honesty, integrity, and, most importantly, joy in your life.

-Bella Terra Acres

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Sure, there will be neigh-sayers, but go ahead, hop in the saddle and find your center (figuratively, of course) at this mindfulness meditation retreat with miniature horses in Mattawan.

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