Normally when I think of Cedar Point I think of thrilling rides and roller coasters, not animal escapees, but that is what I came across on TikTok.

I was doing my usual social media scrolling when a video came up on my 'for you page' of some animals that has gotten loose at Cedar Point. Now, as a lifelong Michigander and someone who has been to Cedar Point, I will admit, I didn't realize they had live animals at the park. I was way more concerned with how long the line was for the Raptor and the Millennium Force.

Two Petting Zoo Animals Escape Their Enclosure at Cedar Point

But back to the matter at hand; yes, Cedar Point has animals. And yes, a couple of those animals got out the other day, and people took video and posted it for our viewing pleasure.

As it turns out, Cedar Point has a petting zoo called The Barnyard, and the barnyard is home to a couple of camels who decided to escape.

Thankfully no one was harmed by these two escapees. However, one man in a motorized wheelchair did come close to being stepped on.

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Be aware! The below video immediately kicks off with some NSFW language.

The two camels were caught shortly after than and taken back to their enclosure.

I think the funniest part of this whole thing are the TikToks that were made of the culprits after the fact.

Here they are, back where they belong, showing no remorse at all.

In all seriousness, it's a good thing no one got hurt and the camels are back in their enclosure. Let's hope the sheep don't decide to follow suite.

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