After a little taste of winter last week, lots of people are now reading for spring. If you're one of those people who are counting down to the first day of spring (which is Thursday, March 19th, 2020) and some warmer weather, here's some good news for you when it comes to the forecast for the rest of January.

According to the Weather Channel, the Lansing area will be seeing feeling some mild temperatures for the remainder of the month. It's certainly not going to be Florida-like weather, but hey, it's still better than temps in the negative range, right? Their 10-day forecast says that temperatures will start to increase this Wednesday as our high will be in the low 30s . At this point, it looks like high temperatures will remain in the 30s for the rest of January and the overnight lows will stay in the mid to upper 20s . Also, at this point there's barely a mention of snow in our forecast. Click here to see their forecast.

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