Where were you last Friday morning? That loud noise you may have heard, might not have been your teenager/dog/cat/husband/wife/neighbor coming home. It may have been an ice quake (sometimes called a frost quake).

According to WWMT-TV (in Kalamazoo), on Friday, there were reports on the west side of Michigan of loud booms. The most likely source of these sounds, in all probability, were ice quakes or "cryoseism".

After the frigid weather we had in Michigan last week, we had some thawing, which led to a lot of water seeping into the ground, followed by more cold weather. An ice quake occurs when the moist ground freezes and expands causing the soil and rocks around it to shift all of a sudden. Sounds like conditions were perfect for ice quakes.

Did you hear an ice quake on Friday? Could it have been Bigfoot outside your house? How often does your kid come home that late? Did he/she take out the garage door again? Call me - we need to talk.


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