I've done stories about the two-sport athletes being recruited to the Michigan State Spartans. I figured I'd show some love to our Wolverine fans.

R.J. Moten, from Delran, New Jersey, is a 2020 commit to play football at the University of Michigan. He's also going to play baseball for the Wolverines. That's why some people are calling him the "Bo Jackson of South New Jersey".

Not his dad.

According to MLive.com, R.J.'s dad Ron played football as a linebacker for Florida in the 80s, so he actually played against Auburn's Bo Jackson. Ron says his son has a lot of talent and works his tail off, but his dad told R.J., "'It is good that people can say that, but dad played against Bo Jackson, and trust me, you are no (expletive) Bo Jackson."

Ron just retired after 20 years of being a detective in Jersey, so apparently he's waiting for all the evidence to come in.

R.J.won't be the only two-sport athlete at Michigan - current freshman linebacker Joey Velazquez will play the outfield and pitch next spring for the Wolverines. Will they be as good as Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch was? Only time will tell.

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