Michigan's longest serving Senator, Carl Levin, has died at age 87. His family along with the Levin Center at Wayne Law announced his death late Thursday, July 29.

Levin served in Michigan for 36 years from 1978 until his term ended with his retirement in January 2015. During his time in the Senate, Levin served on several committees. His top assignment was the chair of the Armed Services Committee. He served as the chair in 2001, 2001-2003 and 2007-2015, and was the ranking Democratic member on the committee going back to 1997.

Levin has been described as a "champion” for the state and “tireless advocate” for the people of Michigan. During his time in public office, Levin sponsored or co-sponsored 673 bills in the Senate that eventually became law.

Many state and national leaders have come forward with words of sympathy and remembrance. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stated,

"Carl paved the way for a safer planet, helped pass several nuclear weapons and missile treaties, and spoke out courageously against entering the war in Iraq. He made Michigan a safer and better place for our families, securing funds to create the Detroit Riverwalk and writing the bill that established Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park."

Levin was nicknamed "Mr. Integrity" within the Senate. In 2016, the Department of Defense honored Levin by giving him the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, the highest medal awarded by the DOD.

In December 2014, Levin addressed the Senate one final time before his retirement. There will be a private funeral. Information about a public memorial honoring Senator Levin will be forthcoming.

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