The Big Banana Car of Michigan is real - and it's fabulous.

The Big Banana Car lives in Kalamazoo, where it was created from a Ford F-150 chassis by Steve Braithwaite and his buddies at Mutant Brothers Fabrication right there in Kalamazoo. According to, Steve and the Big Banana Car have been traveling south to Texas during the last few winters. There, they enter custom car contests and frequently win. (How do you beat a Banana Car? You don't.)

A couple of weeks ago, Steve was on his way to Texas, when he got pulled over by a Michigan State trooper. And why wouldn't you? It's a giant banana shaped car with the license plate "SPLIT". The trooper had a lot of questions, but Steve hadn't been speeding (even though it has a top speed of 85), had a fun British accent and the car was all street legal. Still, they always take your license, right? Probably to see if you have ties to anything nefarious - like terrorist organizations or Justin Bieber's Fan Club. When the trooper came back, he handed Steve his license - wrapped in a $20 bill!

Obviously, that trooper is a true patron of the arts.

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