Whether you still get Easter baskets or not, you're going to want to PEEP this oddly specific treat we here in Michigan love!

As we get closer to spring and especially closer to Easter Sunday (April 4th) the stores have been packed with all kinds of Easter treats.

Sure, the treats and the baskets and the egg hunts are absolutely not what the day is about but they are still a part of the celebrations and they require the perfect treats.

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Peeps really get all the love, rightly so. They are a classic staple when it comes to Easter candy. However, most of us know the best part is popping those cute little marshmallows into the microwave and watch them blow up and not actually eating them....right?

I'm more of a Whoppers Robin Eggs kind of person, myself but that's neither here nor there. The real star of Easter candy is, and has been for a long time jelly beans!

Personally, I'm not a fan but Michigan disagrees as Zippia found them to be our state's favorite Easter treat. However, it's not just any jelly beans. It's, specifically, Sweet Tart Jelly Beans!

Now multiple other states do have jelly beans as their favorites for Easter but in true Michigan fashion, we take the classics and make sure we have our own unique flair to them and we are the only ones to have the Sweet Tart Jelly Beans.

This Easter, make a Michigander's day and make sure you've got Sweet Tart Jelly Beans in the baskets and "He is Risen" in your hearts.

While we're talking about Easter, here are some adorable pictures of various cute animals wearing bunny ears to look at to get you in the spirit:

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