The sweet taste of the season is in full swing. Not only are cookies, cakes and pies treat for the holidays, but candies of all types will fill bowls and stockings everywhere.

Although there are quite a few types of candies synonymous with the Christmas season, each state seems to have a few standout choices on their lists for sweet treats. It's true that candy canes are traditionally the universally-loved Christmas candy associated with the season, with 1.76 Billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season, they aren't everyone's top pick.

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According to a survey by, the red & white striped staple of the season for years is falling in popularity and other favorites are taking the lead. The online bulk candy store reached out to its customers to find out which candies reined supreme state by state and you may be surprised what Michigander's are indulging in.

Candy Canes may be losing their luster, but in Michigan we still love that peppermint flavor. In the Mitten state the Top Christmas candy is Peppermint Bark. Whether the popular Ghirardelli brand or the homemade bark made in the kitchen, Peppermint Bark is the fan favorite.

It seems we aren't alone with our selection joining 8 other states making it the top selection 20 others finding it in their top 3. Michigan chose Reindeer corn as 2nd place, and Reese’s Cup Minis for 3rd.

Christmas may not seem to be a big candy giving day compared to Valentine's Day or Easter, but 93% of people will gift chocolate and candy for the winter holidays according to  Apparently in Michigan that gift has a good chance of being Peppermint Bark.

You can check out what's trending in other states across the country when it comes to Christmas Candy below.

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