Today's the day! The day to get out there, vote, and make your voice heard! If you already voted, YAY! Good job. I'd give you a sticker, but I hear they give those out when you vote (cool stickers, another reason to vote).

If you haven't voted already, is it because you need a ride there? If that's the case, ride sharing company, Lyft, has you covered. According to MLive, today, Lyft is offering 50 percent off rides to the polls with the help and "partnerships with organizations that support voter turnout." All you have to do (besides make sure you have the app, of course) is use one of the promo codes to get your discounted fare. CLICK HEREto get the codes for discount.

In the Lansing area, we are also lucky to have a highly efficient public transportation system with CATA that can get you to the polls.To find the route and the bus stop that best works for you and your polling location, just CLICK HEREThat will take you to the CATA site, where you can plan your voting trip!

No matter how you get there today, just get out there and VOTE!

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