Earlier today you might have read about CIMON - the robot on the SpaceX supply flight  launched at lunchtime today to the International Space Station. On board the ISS is Grand Rapids born and NASA astronaut, Christina Koch. According to MLive.com, last night, Christina took a photo from the ISS as it flew over Michigan and posted it to Twitter. This isn't the first photo she's taken of Michigan from the ISS, but this one is pretty spectacular - in the photo you can see every larger city in the lower peninsula, lit up. Good thing everybody has their Christmas lights up. Nice job.

I don't know how many of these photos we'll be getting in the future. Christina has been on the ISS for a LONG time. And she's had a big year up there. She's been part of the first all-female spacewalk and she's about to set the record for "longest spaceflight by a woman". By my calculations, Christina should set that record on December 29th after 290 days in space. She'll be coming home in February after 335 days in space.

Here's some more good news: Christina MIGHT be headed to the moon on a future mission.

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