Christina Koch is an engineer and one of twelve female NASA astronauts. And she's the first female astronaut born in Michigan. She's been aboard the International Space Station since March and won't come home until February. And (according to CNN) she might be the first woman to go to the Moon.

I speculated last month that Christina might be one of the best candidates to go on the first Artemis mission to the moon, but now she's being referred to as a "frontrunner" to be part of the crew. According to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, the first woman on the moon "is already in the astronaut corps. It will be somebody who has been proven, somebody who has flown, somebody who has been on the International Space Station already."

How is that ANYBODY but Christina Koch??

BTW - when it comes to future missions to Mars, there's some speculation that future astronaut crews may up entirely of women. Here's that story.

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