Yesterday, NASA announced they want to put a man AND a woman on the Moon by the year 2024. According to The Verge, the name of the program to put a woman on the Moon is Artemis (Artemis was Apollo's twin sister) 2024 - that's only five years from now. A little aggressive, but if they buy the rocket, Michigan has a female astronaut ready. In fact, if NASA plays their cards right, the astronauts they're looking for could both be from Michigan.

Exhibit A: Christina Koch is currently orbiting 250 miles above Earth in the International Space Station. She was raised in North Carolina, but she was born in Grand Rapids. And she's still a fan, based on her photos of Michigan from the ISS. Due to somebody buying her seat on her scheduled ride home, she's been bumped by NASA and will be up there until next February. When she comes home she'll have plenty of time to get a hot meal and a change of clothes and head out to train to go to the Moon.

Exhibit B: Drew Feustel, who's from Lake Orion, was commander of the International Space Station's Expedition 56 last summer. He took some of his own great photos of Michigan from space. He's 53 now, but 58 would not be too old to visit the Moon. In fact at 1/6 of Earth's gravity, anybody with old knees would welcome a trip to the Moon.

(BTW - Michigan high school students, If NASA drags their feet on this, it'll be up to you to get it done. So, do your homework. Thank you.)

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