Somebody's missing their Michigan fudge.

Michigan's first female astronaut, Christina Koch, is currently enjoying an all expense paid business trip aboard the International Space Station, where she'll be living for the next 9 months. And what does one do on trips? Take pictures of course. According to ClickOnDetroit, yesterday, Christina showed some love to Michigan by sharing a photo of Michigan from space, with the caption: "The Great Lakes are as stunning from space as they are in person." She'll have plenty of time to take some more  photos, since she's not coming home until next February. And if you think Christina might be concerned about spending that much time in space, you should probably know she spent over three years living and working as a scientist in the Arctic and Antarctic. Including one winter when she lived in the Antarctic and saw temperatures reach MINUS -111 degrees.

Christina was born in Grand Rapids, but actually lived most of her life in North Carolina. Doesn't matter - her photo proves she obviously loves us more and we're claiming her for Team Michigan.



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