When it comes to lakes, Michigan has a surplus of them. So which one is the best to visit? Apparently, that decision has been made. So if you're having a hard time deciding where to go, there's one lake that stands out.

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Michigan is very well known for its lakes, it is nicknamed the Great Lakes State, after all. Which means there are lots and lots of fantastic lakes to choose from when you decide to visit one.

The Best Lake From Each of the 50 States

Cheapism took a look at the wide expanse of the United States and determined what the best lake is in each of its 50 states. This list is great if you want to put together a little road trip... visit a great many states and the fantastic lakes that they boast, but let's focus on Michigan.

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As it turns out, when it comes to the best lake to visit in Michigan, you can't beat the Great Lakes.

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The Best Lake to Visit in Michigan

Cheapism dubbed Lake Michigan as the best lake to visit in Michigan.


To be fair, Lake Michigan has to be my absolute favorite lake, and for good reason! It is gorgeous, it is huge, it is surrounded by so many amazing beach towns, and it's by far the best lake to watch the sunset on. Not to mention to hiking on the dunes and plenty more outdoor activities.

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