If you're a fan of the show "Parks and Recreation", you may have seen the (now famous) episode in which Patton Oswalt, playing one of the Pawnee townfolk, gets up at a city council meeting and filibusters so that a law can't be passed. On the show, the director told Patton to just talk about anything he wanted. In the final take, everybody decided to just let him go for as long as he could. Patton ended up ad-libbing for eight minutes about Star Wars and the Marvel Comics universe. I don't remember how much made it in to the actual show, but that scene is now legend.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago at the Livingston County Board meeting. According to TheLaughButton.com, the board wants to cancel the TV broadcasts of the meetings.Some residents had a problem with that. A woman named Bridgett McDowell pulled a Patton Oswalt when it came time for her to speak by using every second of her three minutes by replicating at least part of Patton's original Star Wars talk.

Here's the story and video (kinda low audio - so crank it up)


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