There you are - staring into the fridge at last night's pizza. You just need something to get you through the last two seasons of "30 Rock". Do you eat that pizza cold, or heat it up? (I agree - it's better cold when it's leftover) But when you reheat it in a microwave, pizza always gets soggy, right? Stand by - Australians love everything Michiganders do: living close to the water, cold beer, barbecue and pizza. And they have a hack for soggy, microwaved pizza.

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According to The Mirror, out of the UK, just like Michigan, Australia is full of Michigan's own Domino's pizza stores. I bet, with the pandemic, even "Down Under" they've been eating a lot of pizza recently. So, Domino's Australia has come up with a fix for soggy pizza. Their advice:

Place your pizza in the microwave alongside a cup of water and put it on for 30 seconds, not only will you get quick results, but pizza will also remain crispy

I haven't tried this and I don't know why it would work (hello? FRIB scientists at MSU?), but they seem pretty confident.

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