Michigan State University warns that scammers are making the rounds, this time targeting college students and their tuition. The claim? That students can get a discount on their tuition if they pay them, the scammer, in full.

Here's how the scam works:

  1. Once called, students are asked to give their MSU login information to the scammer who in turn uses that info to pay the student's tuition with a stolen credit card.
  2. When the transaction is finished, students are told to "use a wire or check transfer to pay the scammer at the discounted rate."
  3. When the company of the stolen credit card sees it's use, it reverses the illicit transaction. The scammer then makes off with the money that the student paid to them, and the student is still left to pay their full tuition. AND students are unable to get back the money transferred to the scammers.

While MSU reports that the scammers are targeting international students, they recommend all students "remain vigilant" because they might be contacted as well. If you or someone you know gets contacted concerning financial affairs that seems "suspicious or too good to be true", to call MSU Police at (517) 355-2221.

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