The Michigan State Police are looking for whoever robbed the Detroit Lions. Using their online resources, the MSP is asking you to track down and report the suspects. I think we all know what they look like. Anybody who saw the Monday Night Football Game against the Packers knows what they look like. Their images will be forever burned into the psyche of Lions fans.

According to, the suspects were "last seen in the Green Bay, Wisconsin region" and "are wanted for “'larceny of a NFL game'.” They advise “If you’ve seen or have any information about this man or his accomplices, please contact your local Michigan State Police post.” They may have escaped into the Upper Peninsula, but good luck finding them there. The U.P. is probably hiding them, ever since they left Michigan and became part of Wisconsin.

And, not to be outdone, the Detroit Tigers have gone online as well to present their own definition of "hands to the face."

At least Michigan's still got a sense of humor. Here's the story.

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