Randy Olson is a computer science Ph.D. candidate studying artificial intelligence over at Michigan State. And he's a self-professed data geek. According to the Washington Post, Randy actually came up with the best search path to find Waldo in those "Where's Waldo" books.

Recently, Tracy Staedter from Discovery News, challenged Randy to come up with a way to visit a national monument, historic site, national park or natural landmark in all 48 lower U.S. states. By car. Randy found a way. And added Washington D.C. and another stop in California to make it an even 50 points of interest. Randy calculated the route would take 9.33 days of driving. Just driving - not stopping for food or sleep or to see the World's Biggest Rocking Chair in Fanning, MO. (actually Randy's route misses Fanning by about 50 miles - I know - I've been there)

So now you have a plan for your next big adventure. If you go - send photos - and I take an XL shirt or hoodie.


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