Turns out - State should've had one more chance.

As you are well aware of, Michigan State lost to Arizona State in the final seconds of Saturday's game. (My deep apologies for bringing this up again) With 11 second to go and Michigan State down 10-7, State kicked a field goal to tie the game. And there was great rejoicing.

Going to OT!

However, State got caught for having 12 players on the field. Sadness.

Try again. This time, the kick was from the 29-yard line. And...well, you know what happened. Darkness over East Lansing.

BUT - according to our friend Chris Solari and the Detroit Free Press, it turns out MSU should've had another chance. According to the Pac-12, whose officials were reffing the game, one of the Arizona State players should have been called for "leaping" - jumping up and trying to block the kick and falling into an opponent's body. That should have placed the ball on the 14-yard with an automatic first down. With time for another kick.

Coach Dantonio says State will file a grievance. Won't change anything, but just like the airing of grievances at Festivus, it will make us feel better.

Here's the story. On to Northwestern next Saturday.

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