There are so many scams that are going around, and it seems like there have been more then usual since the start of the pandemic. I had one just a few weeks ago. I got an email saying I was caught on camera for going over the speed limit. It wanted me to click below to pay the fine and it would not go on my driving record. It also said there would be a warrant for my arrest if I did not pay it.  Now I knew is was bologna, but I wonder if a handful of people actually paid it.

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Here is another scam going around according to  A pair of real estate agents recently received text messages from an unknown number threatening their lives.

The texts have gone out to real estate agents all over mid Michigan. The messages start by saying they're very sorry for the recipient and that it is a pity their life is going to end but that the sender has a duty to kill them. The texts go on to say someone wants the recipient dead and that their men are monitoring the person but could spare their life for enough money.

Are you kidding me? This is complete nonsense, and should never happen to anyone. Facebook groups for real estate agents in both the Jackson and Lansing areas are warning others about the scams and telling everyone to be careful.

The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff and Lansing Police say anybody who receives these texts or anything like them should contact law enforcement right away. They shared that every report is very important to catch scammers and get them behind bars.

Have you received any scams lately? Please share.

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