Comet NEOWISE is about to bid adieu to all of us stuck on Earth in 2020. After some tremendous photos popping up on the internet recently of this comet over the Mackinac Bridge and in the clear, dark skies over the U.P., your last good chance of seeing her is this week.

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According to MSN, your best bet is to look to the northwest for the Big Dipper and then look below it. At this point you may need binoculars to see it, so get out your deer hunting gear and get to a dark place some night this week when the skies are clear (my guess is any night except for Tuesday night)

Here's the story.

AND - as a bonus, this week you might also get a glimpse of some meteors from the Delta Aquariid meteor shower.

LifeHacker has the info on that event.

Good luck and happy comet/meteor nerdfest.



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