What do people do when they are bored around Christmas? (especially when they're stuck at a relative's house?) They watch movies. But how many times can you watch Elf and Christmas Vacation? What if you decided to watch movies set in Michigan? Thanks to the Detroit Free Press, we have a pretty good list of them (There might be some really low budget films that they don't have on the list, but they didn't miss many)

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The Free Press explains that these are movies set (at least for some of the movie) in Michigan - and not just filmed in Michigan. That's why Beverly Hills Cop is on the list and why Batman vs Superman and Transformers:The Last Knight are not on the list.

Obviously, a lot of these are not for the whole family, but there's something for everybody on the list.

At the end of the list, they give you a chance to vote on your Top Ten. Here's mine:

#10 - Reindeer Games (really violent)

#9 - Four Brothers (pretty violent)

#8 - Somewhere in Time (sappy science fiction)

#7 - Mr. Mom (with one of my favorite lines: "220, 221. Whatever it takes")

#6 - American Pie (classic comedy - but oh, so wrong)

#5 - Escanaba in Da Moonlight (the classic Upper Peninsula deer hunting story)

#4 - Grosse Pointe Blank (hit men - in the ritzy suburbs of Detroit)

#3 - Beverly Hills Cop (hey - it starts in Detroit, so...)

#2 - 8 Mile (didn't think I'd like it when it came out - it's a great movie)

And my #1 - Gran Torino (grouchy Clint Eastwood - I love this movie)

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