It is true that the American military has been involved in combat operations in Canada twice before - in 1775 and 1812. It is also true that, in the 1920's, both the U.S. and Canada had secret military plans detailing strikes and counterstrikes against each other.

But what about now? I think we could all foresee a scenario where the U.S. deports Justin Bieber. Canada tries to send him back and we refuse entry.  Canada protests his deportation. We make fun of their pro football teams. Canada bans imports of maple syrup and Shania Twain. We expel all Canadians from Daytona Beach. Somebody says something stupid up in The Soo or in the Windsor Tunnel - and we go to war.

Your move, Pentagon. What's our plan? Click here to find out. You may or may not be shocked to hear the truth.


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