The Pentagon has a list of states and countries too dangerous for military personnel to visit for "non-essential purposes", due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are currently just three states in America on that list. California, Florida and....(cringing) Michigan.

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According to an earlier story from

The criteria used to determine whether a location is approved for travel included whether local shelter-in-place orders have been lifted, whether there has been a 14-day downward trend of either flu-like or COVID-like symptom reports, and whether there has been a similar two-week downward trend in confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19.



The Pentagon still thinks it's safe to visit Texas and Arizona, but not Michigan. (I'm not really surprised with all the bases in Texas and Arizona - it would be tough for the military to shut out those states)

I know we (in Michigan) have had a couple of spikes (looking at you, Harper's party people) but I didn't think we would get lumped in with the current bad boys of COVID - Florida and California. It's because we have nice beaches and someone's jealous, right?

P.S. - wear your mask - if this keeps up, we're in trouble if Canada attacks.

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