What's your favorite TV reality show?

Somebody at the cabletv.com blog checked Google Trends to see what "reality TV" show people in each state are asking questions about most. So, this isn't scientific. It doesn't even involve TV ratings, but I guess it's something that can be tracked, so....

According to their research, the top TV reality show in Michigan is "Hoarders", on A&E TV. And yes, several of the hoarders featured on the show have been from Michigan. But we all own many interesting things that will be worth something...someday. "Hoarders" is a popular show in several other states, including our neighbors to the south, Indiana. So, we're not the only ones with problems. See?

One interesting note: the number one reality show in South Dakota is "Kate Plus 8". Number two for them was "16 and Pregnant". Maybe they just like kids. Maybe they're just dreaming of having a higher population. Whatever the case, South Dakota should really be getting together with Kentucky to talk about it.

Here's the story, with a handy map of all the favorite shows.


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