Electric cars are the way of the future for Michigan. And while recently Meijer announced that they will have electric vehicle charging available at more locations in the future, it still can be difficult to find time and places to charge your car.

How about being able to charge your car as you're on the go?

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When the Eddy Grant wrote his iconic song "Electric Avenue", do you think he believed that one day we'd actually have electric roads we'd be rocking down?

Michigan is about to make him proud by being the first state to have an electric road, and it could be happening as soon as 2023.

Yesterday Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office announced that residents in Detroit will be the first to see this technology come to life. According to their release, The contract to build it was awarded to ElectReon, an Israel-based company that develops wireless charging infrastructure.

If you missed the report last year that this technology is coming, it's pretty incredible. Once installed and operating, the electric roadway would charge electric vehicles while they are in motion or stationary. Meaning, the need to stop and charge would be non-existent.

Volkswagen Begins ID.5 Electric Car Mass Production
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If you would like to check it out yourself once it's finished, the electric roadway will be located in the part of Detroit where Ford Motor Co. is restoring the old Michigan Central station to develop self-driving vehicles. This will also help in part of Gov. Whitmer's plan to help get more electric cars on the road by 2030.

Would electric roads help convince you to purchase an electric vehicle? Before long, you may be seeing more opportunities to charge in West Michigan to help convince you to go green.

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