You really should ask before you go hunting on land you don't own. Especially if you're hunting on land belonging to a PRISON.

But, that's what happened, right here in Michigan, recently. According to, a guy in Marquette County got busted for trespassing and hunting on the grounds of the state prison up there. And he didn't tag the eight point buck he took. And he took the head and some of the meat and left the rest. (This is NOT what they teach at Hunter Safety class) But the DNR got wind of this guy hunting there all day long and tracked down the kill and then the hunter, who probably got a fine and is lucky he didn't end up inside the prison. His wife seems nice, though. She dropped him off there every day so he could hunt.

Probably seemed like a good place to hunt, with the deer not being pressured there - because everybody's LOCKED UP.

What's next? Landing the big one at the State Fish Hatchery?


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