We hear quite often about men bragging how big of a fish that they caught or got away.  This fish story appears to be true proven by photos.   MLive is reporting about the big fish that did not get away.

Five fishermen by the name of Nate Wellman, his son Jackson Cole, Josef Callender, Dominick Ferals and Randy Hughes entered the Tournament Trail Muskegon Open fishing tournament that was held July 9-11, 2021. The tournament, which was started in 2003,  is a 15-stop fishing circuit on Lake Michigan.  On Saturday, July 10th the five men caught the “big ole sucker” just 10 minutes after setting their lines in the water.   Hooking the fish only took 10 minutes but reeling it in took approximately an hour and two men to lift it in the boat.

The fish was a salmon weighing in at 39.2 pounds.  Their salmon is the heaviest fish caught in the history of the Tournament Trail.  According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources records the largest salmon to be caught in Michigan was a 46-pound chinook salmon caught in the Grand River in Kent County in 1978.

The ship’s captain, Nate Wellman stated:

“You feel like it’s a stroke of luck, you feel like maybe you did something right. I’m still kind of in awe about it…Eyes lit up and high fives and hooting and hollering began. It was like it kept getting bigger…It’s just a monster”

He added:

“Bigger than a fish of a lifetime for about anybody”

Congratulations on a fish story that is actually true.  Check out the pictures of the fish by clicking on the MLive hot-link above.

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