The red-bellied pacu is a fish native to South America. So why is the DNR getting reports of people catching them in Michigan? 'Cuz people keep them as pets and then release them into their local lake. Probably after scaring some kid with it's creepy human-like teeth. And we're not the only state this is happening in. The DNR says pacu have been caught in 27 states. The DNR says if they're in the lakes now, they won't survive a Michigan winter. Which is what "they" always say at the start of horror movies.

The pacu is related to the piranha, but it would rather eat tree nuts - not you. According to, out of Los Angeles (yeah, LA, we get a little crazy out here) the DNR is suggesting that if you own an exotic fish, don't turn it loose in a Michigan lake if you don't want it anymore. Donate it to a zoo or aquarium.

Or, let your dentist use it for practice. Seriously. Wait 'til you see the photo.


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