It's definitely fall in Michigan - leaves are changing color and falling, many of us are pulling out the long-sleeved jackets and sweaters, and some of us have already turned on the heat.

When should Michiganders be concerned about the first freeze of the season? Looks like this year, much of Michigan will see first freezes a little later than normal, according to the forecasters at AccuWeather. In some cases, first freezes won't happen until several weeks after certain Michigan cities normally see them.

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When Does Michigan Typically See Its First Freeze of the Season?

The typical date of a first fall freeze in Michigan depends on where in the state you are.

For example, in parts of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan, the average date of the first freeze falls within the last 10 days of September, according to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.

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Areas further south in Michigan (and even some parts of the Upper Peninsula) don't typically see their first freezes until early to mid-October.

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According to AccuWeather, while there may be scattered spots where temperatures may dip below freezing in Michigan prior to late October - most of us won't see the mercury dip to 32 or below until early November.

Lansing October 1-10 November 3 
Grand Rapids October 1-10 October 28 
Flint October 11-20 November 3 
Kalamazoo October 1-10 November 3 
Detroit October 11-20 November 4 
Traverse City September 21-30 November 4 
Mackinaw City September 21-30 November 3 
Sault Ste. Marie October 1-10 October 28 
Marquette September 21-30 November 4 

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