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Time for me, as a Michigander, to officially bite the bullet and pull out my winter coat.

I feel like the moment a Michigander breaks out their winter coat, it's kind of like turning on the heat for the first time during the season. That means that it's really cold.

How Cold is Michigan?

Of course, this is just the start of winter, and it can always get colder. But, just how cold does Michigan get?

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While winter doesn't technically begin until December 21st, Michigan starts seeing winter-like weather as early as October. And although winter ends on March 18th, there's a chance we could see cold temps and even snow into April.

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Typically from January to March, Michigan sees averages low temperatures ranging from the upper teens to the upper 20s. But keep in mind, those are just the average temperatures, and they're not indicative of cold it can really get, especially once you factor in that windchill.

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The Coldest Temperature Recorded in Michigan

Windchill or not, there's one place and time in Michigan where the coldest temperature ever was recorded... That place is Vanderbilt, Michigan. And that time was all the way back on February 9th, 1934.

That day, the thermometer in Vanderbilt got all the way down to -51 degrees Farenheit. And while it might not be the coldest temperature ever on file in America, it's pretty darn cold. Only 11 other states have a colder low temperature than Michigan does.

Check out the coldest temperature ever recorded in each state in the gallery below.

The Coldest Recorded Temperature in Every State

Temperatures can get downright cold across the United States. However, some states are much, MUCH colder than others. See what the lowest recorded temperatures are for each state.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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