Get ready for the chilliest temperatures we've seen in Lower Michigan so far this season.

Forecasters are in relative agreement that places like Lansing, Grand Rapids and Flint are likely to dip below freezing this weekend for the first time this fall.

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When Does Michigan Usually See Its First Freeze?

Typically, most of Michigan would have seen its first freeze by this point in the season, according to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.

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While Lansing, Grand Rapids and Flint have all seen overnight temperatures drop into the 30s this season - this weekend is poised to become the first time since spring that the mercury will have fallen to 32° Fahrenheit or lower in any of those cities.

How Cold Is It Going to Be This Weekend?

The focus appears to be on Sunday night (10/22), heading into Monday morning (10/23).

After highs in the 50s earlier in the day on Sunday, temperatures are expected to fall to the freezing mark or below - even if it's briefly - in the wee hours of Monday morning. Precipitation is not expected.

AccuWeather's Projection

Forecasters with AccuWeather currently predict an overnight low on Sunday night of 32° for Lansing and Grand Rapids, with 30° projected for Flint.

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Here's What the National Weather Service Thinks

The National Weather Service says Lansing and Flint residents can expect clear skies and lows around 31° on Sunday night.

The city of Grand Rapids itself may only dip to around 33° or so Sunday night according to the NWS, however, outlying areas surrounding the city can expect a light freeze.

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Local TV Meteorologist Expectations

In Lansing, First Alert Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole with WILX News 10 says "under clear skies temperatures tumble to near 30º by early Monday morning."

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The forecast from Storm Team 8 in Grand Rapids calls for 34º Monday morning, but warns of potential frost.

Forecasters from Flint's ABC 12 project 33º as the official reading Monday morning, but acknowledge low 30s are likely throughout the area.

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