The Big 10 season is back, and it is in full swing and that includes the rivalries that come with it. And the insane fans that come with that.

Case in point one University of Michigan fan who will spending the cold Ann Arbor winter in a cooler place—literally.

As in the cooler.

This after Daniel Rippy made threats during the Wolverines’ November 24, 2018 game against Ohio State—which the Buckeyes won 62-39. And while the blowout ended in regulation, Rippy went into overtime taking to his Facebook Messenger to make threats to kill then-Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, players, family members, and fans.

Rippy has been in jail for ten months in Columbus awaiting sentencing but was officially sentenced to a year and a day in prison yesterday.

What Rippy “epitomizes is fandom spiraled out of control,” Federal Judge Algenon Marbley said. The judge added: “We have to take this seriously because it happens.”

The 29-year-old Rippy, being held in jail in Columbus, apologized several times, saying he’d been having “a bad day” when he made the threats and promised it would never happen again.

I don’t know about that—because Ohio State looked like they could easily do it again after opening the season with a 52-17 win over Nebraska Saturday.

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